You do not need to reserve a spot if you attending on Zoom
Click here for instructions on attending a zoom class

Reserve your attendance for an in-dojo class

Please use the form below to reserve your attendance for each and every in-dojo class

You do not need to reserve attendance for zoom classes.

If you have more than one person to book, please fill in the form separately for each of them.

Note: The class date will not appear if it is already fully booked by other people.

We are not currently accepting drop in students who have not pre-registered for in-dojo classes.

Step 1: Pick the class, Beginner (white to orange), Intermediate (blue to green black), Advanced (red and up),   Saturday Karate (all belt levels), or Soke Master Class (black belts only)

Note: you may have to scroll up and down to see the class you wish

Step 2: Pick the date of the class. You can book up to 7 days in advance and up until 1 hour before class.

Step 3: Press the reserve your spot button and fill in the contact details.

The timezone is Eastern.

You will receive a confirmation email when complete. I also receive an email for your appointment, after which I add the first name of the student to the class calendar. If you do not see the calendar entry updated, it just means I haven't updated it yet. The confirmation email is all you need. Please do not book more than one space for the same person.

Every person remaining in the dojo during class must reserve a spot. This includes teachers, helpers, students, parents, and anyone else watching.