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Dojo News

24-May-2019 - Ben's been selected to the Pan American Championships in Guayaquil, Ecuador, on August 28-31, 2019

13-May-2019 - New class schedule to become effective 20-May-2019

8-May-2019 - VFIT and Zumba Classes ended till fall

19-Dec-2018 - VFIT and Zumba Classes will resume Jan 16, 2019

25-Sep-2018 - Added Saturday Class 11 - noon

20-Aug-2018 - Last class at Core will be 29-Aug-2018.

3-Apr-2018 - Added Open Mat time slots on Tuesday and Thursday from 8pm to 9pm.

12-Nov-2017 - Awesome performances at the Welcome House Tournament today. Kathy and I are very proud of the determination and dedication of the Conestoga Karate Team. Thank you to my excellent coaches, Trevor, Tiffany, and Heidi. Without you, my coaches, we could not have succeeded.

3-Sep-2017 - Sensei Rob is back. New night, new location. More Details

3-Sep-2017 - Dojo Tournament announced for 13-Sep-2017 More Details

17-Aug-2017 - Congratulations to Justin Kropp on achieving his Shodan in Iaido.

17-Aug-2017 - We had an amazing time with Soke Miyake and Shihan Torres.

9-Aug-2017 - Congratulations to Ben Vang on achieving his Shodan-Ho in Karate-Do.

18-Jun-2017 - Congratulations to Joshua Mathias for achieving his Black Belt!!

1-May-2017 - New schedule begins today

5-Nov-2016 - Please join me in congratulating Justin Kropp for achieving his Sho Dan Ho.

16-Aug-2016 - Added DVDs from Soke Miyake to Picture page

15-Aug-2016 - Added Summer Party info

12-Jan-2016 - Added 2016 monthly calendar

9-Nov-2015 - Added details for Dojo Tournament

28-Oct-2015 - We had a great turnout and a lot of fun at the yearly Halloween party. Check out the group picture.

3-Oct-2015 - Please help me in congratulating Sensei Kirsten in achieving her Shodan in Miyake Shuko-Kai Karate-Do

29-Sep-2015 - Added new class Wednesdays from noon to 1pm. Adults only Karate-Do

1-Aug-2015 - Named Robert Dicks to the position of Vice-President of Conestoga Karate

14-Jul-2015 - Moving Kinder Karate to 6:00 pm Tuesday and Thursday starting July 20, 2015

7-Jul-2015 - Removed Zumba program.

29-Jun-2015 - I'd like to thank all the volunteers for their help running a great tournament and potluck. Everyone had a great time. If you have any pictures please forward them so I can post them.

17-Jun-2015 - Help me congratulate Cameron Campbell on achieving his Sho Dan Ho

15-Jun-2015 - Added information about dojo tournament and pot luck to be held 27-Jun-2015

20-May-2015 - Help me congratulate Glen Campbell in achieving his Sho Dan in Shuko-Kai Karate-Do

25-Mar-2015 - Added second Zumba class. Sundays from 4 to 5 pm.

1-Mar-2015 - Please help me congratulate Sensei Rob Dicks in achieving his Ni Dan (2nd degree black belt) in Miyake Shuko-Kai Karate-Do

20-Jan-2015 - Added link to downloadable Karate Syllabus at very bottom of prices page.

15-Jan-2015 - Added new program for Wednesday evenings. Zumba

26-Aug-2014 - Added Sensei Rob and Sensei Mike ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video

25-Aug-2014 - Added Carter Houde to Black Belt page

22-Jul-2014 - Added ability to pay for gradings and gi purchases on Prices page

23-Jun-2014 - Karate-Do Beginner class from White to Purple Belts, Karate-Do Advanced class from Purple Belt and up.

27-May-2014 - Added call for volunteers and organizers for this summers Dojo Family Reunion

5-May-2014 - New option to pay for membership dues using paypal. Go to the Prices page, if you do not know the password, ask Sensei Mike or Sensei Kathy and they will tell you.

30-Apr-2014 - New program being offered. Yoga. Starting 14-May-2014

27-Apr-2014 - Just want to report back that fun was had by all members who attended Karate Ontario game called tournament.

    The completion was high and we are VERY PROUD of everyone who participated. 
                                They represented with us great honor.There were no sore losers or gloating winners – Very Well Done! Competing in front of friends                                 is hard – competing in front of over 1000 strangers – I cannot even comprehend. 
                                Thank you to all the competitors for their genuine hard work and parents for their remarkable support.  

14-Apr-2014 - Updated schedule page with dates dojo is closed over Easter weekend

18-Feb-2014 - Dojo back to normal schedule. Please help us congratulate Sensei Rob in achieving his Shodan in Iai-Jujitsu.

10-Feb-2014 - Updated class calendar to indicate days dojo is closed for Instructor Training

3-Feb-2014 - Added personal profile for Kirsten Brown on Black Belts page

30-Jan-2014 - Added expansion announcement and open house/wii night to home page

29-Jan-2014 - Added Laurel Creek Software to Business Partners page

20-Jan-2014 - Updated Grading Schedule page

17-Dec-2013 - Dojo closed on the following dates:

24-Dec-2013 - Tuesday - Christmas Eve

26-Dec-2013 - Thursday - Boxing Day

27-Dec-2013 - Friday

28-Dec-2013 - Saturday

30-Dec-2013 - Monday

31-Dec-2013 - Tuesday - New Year's Eve

16-Dec-2013 - Announcement of movie night and updated Grading Schedule page

7-Dec-2013 - Kirsten Brown achieved her Shodan-Ho - Congratulations!!

27-Nov-2013 - Updated Grading Schedule page

19-Nov-2013 - Tournament to be held Saturday 23-Nov-2013 at the dojo.

7-Nov-2013 - Updated Grading Scheduled page

6-Nov-2013 - Added a picture and biography for Shuborno Biswas to the Black Belts section

5-Nov-2013 - Launched new mobile app for smart phones

4-Nov-2013 - Added another Jujitsu and another Iaido class friday evenings

28-Oct-2013 - Added pictures from Halloween Party

21-Oct-2013 - Updated Grading Schedule page

11-Oct-2013 - Updated Grading Schedule page

29-Sep-2013 - Attended Provincial Championship Tournament - Congratulations to Joshua Mathias, Caleb Sargeant, Gavin Kirk, and Michelle Kropp.

3-Sep-2013 - Removed summer schedule from Class Calendar

29-Aug-2013 - Updated Grading Schedule page

22-Aug-2013 - Added fall schedule

17-Aug-2013 - Added Gavin Kirk's resume

17-Aug-2013 - Added Kindermusik Kids' Co. Com to Business Partners page

16-Aug-2013 - Added S.A.S. General Contracting to Business Partners page

7-Aug-2013 - Added Grading Schedule page

6-Aug-2013 - Added page search option. Added password protected pages: Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony, and Prices. Grading schedule to be added soon.

(Please ask Sensei for the password. Password will be changed periodically)

5-Aug-2013 - Please visit our new Business Partners section.

1-Aug-2013 - Please join me in congratulating Sensei Rob on achieving his Sho Dan.

31-Jul-2013 - Dojo movie night was a fun night, we watched the new Karate Kid movie starring Jackie Chan.