Formal Closing Ceremony

The following bolded words are spoken by Sempai or highest ranking kyu student in a commanding tone of voice:

 Yoi Call class to attention

 Wait for Sensei to turn to front and kneel
 Seiza Formal sitting position facing front of dojo
 Mokusou Fold your hands in front, close your eyes, and clear your mind 
  Pause for a brief time
 Kaimoku Open your eyes and return your hands to seiza position
 Shomen ni rei Bow to Sensei Mabuni, thanking him for his teachings
 Please repeat after me Prepare class to recite five principles
 The way of respect for oneself and others through the practice of moderation Wait for class to repeat
 The way of genuine effort towards conquering oneself  Wait for class to repeat
 The way of harmony with oneself and others  Wait for class to repeat 
 The way of mutual support  Wait for class to repeat 
 The way of cultivation of excellent character  Wait for class to repeat
  Wait for Sensei to turn and face class
 Sensei ni rei Bow to Sensei thanking them for the class 

 Wait for Sensei to stand 
 Tato Stand and come to attention 
 Sempai rei Bow to senior student only if one is present 
 (this is spoken by the highest non-sempai)
 Otagai ni rei Bow to all other students 
  Shake hands with all members of class

Please note that other students present in the dojo who are not participating in the class should stand quietly during the closing ceremony.