At our dojo we have two rules: 1 - Everyone must be safe, 2 - Everyone must have fun.

We take martial arts training very seriously, but it must also be enjoyable for the students.

Our instructors are fully trained and qualified instructors who are all students themselves, continually upgrading and learning from our Master, Kunio Miyake.

Our student - teacher ratio is very low, and all students receive individual attention and consideration.

We believe martial arts training is much more than learning to punch and kick, martial arts training helps in all aspects of a students life, from self esteem, physical fitness, social awareness, respect, tolerance, concentration, attention to detail, etc. The list of benefits goes on and on.

Our schedule runs the entire year, we do not hold sessions. Students pay on a month-by-month basis. If you take vacation for a month, we do not expect payment for the missed month, etc.

We have two membership rates:

1 class per week. You can come to any one class of the appropriate belt level per week, the class can be different each week. For instance if you come Tuesday one week, you can come Thursday the next.

2+ classes per week. This membership level allows students to come to any or all appropriate classes each week.


Kinder Karate

  • program incorporates all three martial arts (Karate, Iaido, and Jujitsu)
  • primary focus on Shuko-Kai Shito-Ryu Karate-Do (Kihon, Kumite, and Kata)
  • every age from 6 years and up
  • family friendly, parent and child can attend the same classes
  • classes are 60 minutes long


  • No specific Jujitsu only classes - part of regular Karate program
  • Kempo Aiki-Jujitsu only, does not include grappling style jujitsu


  • no specific Iaido only classes - Part of regular Karate program
  • three sword disciplines are included : Iaido (kata), Batto Jutsu (cutting), and Kenjutsu (fighting)

Kinder Karate

  • students learn the basics of Karate-Do and Iaido
  • limited to students 3 to 6 years of age
  • guardian must remain in the dojo during class
  • child must be potty trained
  • classes are 30 minutes long

Membership Levels

We wish to offer a safe, educational, well supervised class with ample space per student, for this reason you will be asked for your expected days of practice.
This can be changed at any time, and can subsitute any other class for unexpected scheduling conflicts without prior notification to us.

1 class per week
2 or more classes per week
1 class per week

  • allows the student to attend one class each week for their age, rank and program
  • Kinder Karate classes are limited to 12 students

2 or more classes per week

allows the student to attend 2 or more classes each week for their age, rank and program

Special Events
We periodically offer special events in the evening. These special events vary by topic, and can include kata or kumite seminars, movie viewing, tournaments, etc. These special events are open for all members regardless of program and membership level, and so, do not count as a class for the once a week members. Please check the class calendar to see what is scheduled and when.