Conestoga Karate
Authentic Japanese Budo Training

Weekly Class Schedule - Effective on Apr 3, 2018

Please note that dojo is closed on statutory holidays and Halloween unless otherwise posted.

 Class Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Kinder Karate
Children 3 - 6 years
guardian must be present
6pm - 6:30pm6pm - 6:30pm
Family Karate /
Beginners (White to Blue Belts)
(all ages)
 6:15pm - 7:15pm
 6:15pm - 7:15pm 6:15pm - 7:15pm
(Purple - Green Black Stripe Belts) (all ages)
 6:45pm - 7:45pm
6:45pm - 7:45pm6:45pm - 7:45pm
Advanced (Red Belt and higher)
(all ages)
 7:30pm - 8:30pm
 7:30pm - 8:30pm 7:30pm - 8:30pm
Open Mat
Does not count as a class. Dojo open for individual self-directed training.
 8pm - 9pm 8pm - 9pm
All Belts
No Kinders
 11am - 12pm
Adult  Karate-Do
(All Belts)
Adults Only

8pm - 9pm
Black Belt Club
(Aug - May only)
(All Belts)
By invitation only.
See note below.
8pm - 9pm
Iaido 6pm - 6:30pm
(all ages)
7pm - 8:00pm
(adults only)
VFIT 6pm - 7pm
Zumba 7pm - 8pm

Black Belt Club:

Note: While it is not a requirement to attend Black Belt Club to attend any or all of the supported tournaments, it is mandatory for all those attending Black Belt Club to attend all of the 6 tournaments we support. Students who fail to attend the tournaments without an appropriate excuse will be asked to leave Black Belt Club.