Starting Monday the 13th of July 2020, all people entering the dojo are required to wear a face mask. 

You do not need to wear it in class while training if you stay on your designated spot.

If you believe you are exempt from wearing a mask please do not participate in in-dojo classes but continue on Zoom.

For exemptions and more details please refer to:

Ontario Schools Covid-19 page:

Ontario Public Health Covid-19 Data Tool:

Global Map:

Please follow these guidelines to attend classes in person at the dojo:

Do not come to the dojo if your body temperature is higher than 38 C or 100.4 F.

Do not come to the dojo if you are experiencing any of the following:

    •Worsening shortness of breath

    •New chest pain

    •New muscle ache

    •A sore throat

    •New runny nose

    •New headache

    •New or worsening cough

Do not come to the dojo if you been told by a local government or public health authority to isolate for any COVID-19 related reason.

Do not come to the dojo if are not prepared to wear a mask.

Do not come to the dojo if you have not pre-registered for class.

If the above is checked then please follow these simple rules to attend classes in the dojo:

1) Sign up for the class

    - We can only support 15 students in each half of the dojo in a class. If all the spots are already taken you will need to take the class on Zoom.

    - Please sign up for each class you wish to attend, each week.

2) Wear your uniform

    - The washrooms are not allowed to be used as changing rooms.

3) Wear a face mask

    - The mask is required at all times in the dojo when you are not in your designated training spot.

4) Take your personal water and towel

    - Keep it in your training spot so you can access it when needed. Water fountains have been removed from the dojo.

5) Enter the dojo through the back or side entrance

    - Front doors are for exit only at the end of class. 

6) Take your footwear off outside on the door mat.

    - Carry them to the front of the dojo and place in designated spot near the exit. 

    - Then go directly to your personal training spot for the class. 

    - You must stay in your personal spot unless the class has ended or you need to use the washroom.

7) No hand shaking at the end of class.
8) Exit the dojo through the front doors.

    - Have your ride home wait in the front parking lot.