Seisho Arakaki

   Arakaki Seisho or Kamadeunchu (also Called Aragaki, 1840–1918), was an Okinawan martial artist, born either in Kumemura village, Okinawa, or on the nearby island of Sesoku. He was an official of the royal court in Okinawa and acted as an interpreter from the Chinese language and petitioned to go to Beijing in September 1870. Very little is known about his life and training, the only recorded teacher was Wai Xinxian (Wai Shinzan) from Fuzhou, a city in the Fujian province of Qing Dynasty China .

    He was famous for teaching the kata Unshu, Seisan, Shihohai, Niseishi, and Sanchin which were later incorporated in different styles of karate, and weapons kata Aragaki-no-kun, Aragaki-no-sai and Sesoku-no-kun.

    Aragaki did not create any specific styles, his techniques and kata are scattered throughout a number of modern karate and kobujutsu styles, although Chito-ryu is arguably the closest existing style to Aragaki's Tote.